Fine Gardening Magazine Article

sweet potato slips

My sweet potato slips made it into Fine Gardening™ magazine!

It’s a funny story.  Last year, I started my slips before Christmas and ended up with about fifty by the time I was able to transplant them to my garden.  I plant mine in containers, and I didn’t have enough room for all of them.  I have a neighbor who has an amazing garden, so I asked her if she’d like them.  She responded that she had enough of her own, but she wondered if she could borrow mine to take some photos of them.  It turns out that she works for Fine Gardening™ magazine and was taking photos for an article on growing sweet potatoes.  She said my slips were more “photogenic” than hers, so I lent them to her for the afternoon.

You can read the article here.  If you are interested in growing your own sweet potatoes, it has a lot of helpful information.

I purposely started my slips a little later this year, and ironically, spring got an early start here.  Today, I transferred my first two slips to the pots where they will stay until the threat of frost has passed for certain and I can transplant them outdoors.


I’m excited to get gardening!