Don’t Fall Into the Comparison Trap


Here’s my latest post for the Homeschooling with Heart blog:

Don’t Fall Into the Comparison Trap

Comparison is a thief of joy. No matter how good a job you do at parenting or homeschooling, there will always be a child out there who is more advanced or gifted at something than your child is.  How should we handle it when we are tempted to compare our child or homeschool to someone else’s?

2 thoughts on “Don’t Fall Into the Comparison Trap

  1. My wife & I made it a point to compare our son to anyone else’s kid. Each kid is unique & have different learning process . Also we can’t force our kids to excel in something they don’t have passion doing just because our friends or relatives kids are excelling in something . I tell my son, as long as he studies, does his best & his happy, we’re good. So far it worked . Great post

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